Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mâché me a pet

My family's patterdale Terrier, Topsy sadly left us a few weeks ago for the big park in the sky. The lovely photographer and mâché wiz, Alma Haser presented me with a little paper mâché version of her which captures her personality so perfectly and was such a lovely gift to receive during this sad time.

Alma made her first mâché pet when her brother told her he was missing their family dog, Sugar, after moving out of home, so she decided to make him a miniature Sugar for Christmas so he would be able to have her where ever he went.

Soon orders for customised mâché pets started coming in. Alma asks the buyer to send her a photo of their dog or cat and she paints the model with the same colouring and individual details in order to capture their character. She then takes a photograph of the pet against a background colour that shows them off best.

A one off commissioned pet (between 5 and 12cm is £100). Prints of each pet will be made available in editions of 100, printed on Fine Art Archival Paper at 11" x 11" for £35 and for a model and a print it's £120. Go here for more details.

And you can view more of Alma's photography here.

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