Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My favourite book cover: Nina Tara

I am always on the look out for new book cover inspiration, so I decided to ask some designers and bookish types to share their favourite covers. So we are kicking off with the most talented designer Nina Tara who has selected one by one of my all time favourite designers, Alvin Lustig.

It is almost impossible to choose a favourite out of all his works as he has produced so many wonderful covers. I have chose this cover, Monday Night by Kate Boyle. I love the simplicity of Alvin's designs and especially this one for it's graphic feel and subtle colour palette. I think that is the magic of his work- they are timeless and don't feel over complicated with a wonderful balance about them.

I'm Nina Tara and these are a few things I like-

I love work on projects that make me want to push myself even further than the last project.
I find something that totally inspires me and I have to share it.
Someone hires me to work a project and the next time I look it;s years later and we are now friends and still working together!
I love making a mess in the studio from working on ideas and concepts for covers.
I love pottering around in my vegetable patch, helps me clear my head.
Oh... you can come find me on www.ninataradesign.com

Thank you so much Nina! 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Iwami Reika

I have recently stumbled across the astounding work of contemporary Japanese printmaker Iwami Reika. Born in 1927, she is one of the first women to achieve the same status as men in printmaking in Japan. She combines woodblock, handmade papers and some embossing to create prints that whilst being harmonious celebrations of the natural landscape, still have a striking austerity and an eerie atmosphere to them. You can view more of her work and find out more about her here